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Belt pocket

A medieval belt pocket

Everytime I visit a medieval market I become angry about the high prices and less quality of leather belt pockets or pouches. So I decided to place a howto right here, to help people do it themselves. To enlarge pictures just click them.

I use a 1.5 cm thick leather for building this belt pocket.

First we need a cutting mask: for getting it I used a DIN A4 paper and rounded the corners.

Next step I copy the form with a special silver pen (which can be erased from the leather afterwards) onto the leather. And then I copy half the form onto it, too. The whole form will be the back and covering piece while the half one will be the front.

We need a strap of leather 4-5 cm wide and two smaller of 2 cm x 8 cm for the mounting on the belt. I put all together on the picture to make an impression how it is going to be.

We need a button for closing the pocket. I just take a small strap of leather which I roll. Then I make two perpendicular slits and put the long end through. That is a nice good looking button.

Now we need to make some marks :

  1. mark the upper edge on the backside part.
  2. mark the right lenght of the side strap.
  3. mark the position of the button and the four holes for the leather lace which should close the pocket with the button.
  4. mark the position of the mounting straps: do not put this mark deeper than half a cm under the mark 1.!! Why? Because exactly here will the leather overlap to close our pocket.
    Bend the mounting straps to see whether they are long enough.

Next step is breaking edges. It looks nicer and will stay in form for longer time.
Now lets make the holes for the leather lace which should hold the button.
We pull the lace through the four holes and glue the button. For that use some contact glue. It is a mounting for stiching it later on.
Now we mark the stiches and use a bodkin to make the holes.

Making a cobblers stitch we mount it all together.

I start at the front, then the mounting straps and the button. Finally mount the back with the side. Now our mark is nice to find the right start for stiching.


It is finished now

Have fun building your own.

(c) Marcus Schwamberger