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Braiding 2

One simple braid...

If you want e.g. to mount two pieces of leather with a nice braid or to enhance the look of a leather plane this will be quite nice.

You start with two parallel lines of holes with a distance of approximatly 2-3 mm.

If you have two pieces of leather you make one line of holes on each piece.

We start at hole 1 of row A and pull our lace through from behind, but we let a bit of about 2-3 cm left.

We push the lace through hole 2 of row B.

Now pull the lace through hole 1 of row B from behind and then through hole 3 of row a from the front.

On the backside we pull the end of the lace through the loop.

Pull the lace through hole 2 A from behind and through 3 B from the front.
hole 2 B from behind and hole 4 A from the front.
3 A from behind and 4 B from the front etc.etc.etc.
Finally push it though the loop - finished
(c) 2006 Marcus Schwamberger