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Braiding 1

one simple corner braid...

Here I show a simple corner braid to you. It is nice to cover edges and corners of leatherworks. To enlarge the pictures just click on them.

At the begin put the lace through the first hole and leave an end of about 4-5 cm on the inside of the two to mount leather pieces.
At the first hole you just pull it through both pieces. The end will be held by the loop at the inside.

At the next step you leave 3 holes and go on to the 4th. There you pull the lace from the backside to the front that it crosses the edge/corner.
After pulling the lace trough you go 3 holes back and pull the lace from the backside to the front through.
Next step is going forth 4 holes again and pull the lace through from behind to the front.

You repeat this scheme to the end of the braid.
But take care that you don not turn your braiding lace!!

Do not be confused by this sheme that you have to go through wholes more than once - it has to be that way ;)

If you arrive to the last hole of the braid you pull the lace again through both pieces . like you have done it with the first hole - and pull it tight.
In general you should pull the lace tight with every stich to make a nice braid.

Finally you push the end of the lace through 3-4 loops on the inside and pull it tight. Now you can cut it short. That's it!


(c) Marcus Schwamberger ( Stand 26.12.2007 )